Tax information – closed-end funds

Cost basis update

Visit our Cost basis page to learn about updated requirements.

Sources of income

Important state tax information — View the percentage of interest income earned on municipal obligations, on a state-by-state basis, for Delaware Funds® by Macquarie Closed-End Municipal Income Funds.

For the calendar year 2019, income dividends received from investments in the Delaware Funds by Macquarie Closed-End Municipal Income Funds were generally exempt from federal income tax. However, these dividends may or may not be exempt from state or local taxes. Please contact your tax advisor for details.

Funds that derived income from US government obligations — In most states, income from US Treasury securities and other US government obligations is exempt from state income taxes, subject in some states to minimum investment or reporting requirements that must be met by a fund. Please contact your tax advisor for details. View the list of Delaware Funds by Macquarie closed-end funds that derived a percentage of ordinary dividends from US government obligations.

Alternative minimum tax

A percentage of the income paid to shareholders of the Delaware Funds by Macquarie Closed-End Municipal Income Funds may be subject to the alternative minimum tax (AMT), which applies to some investors. Your tax advisor can provide more information on the AMT and whether this tax applies to you.

Foreign tax – for shareholders of international funds

Shareholders of certain international funds may be able to reduce their 2019 income taxes in connection with foreign income tax paid by those funds.

Form 8937

View IRS Forms 8937 for funds that reported organizational actions affecting the basis of fund shares.

Frequently asked questions

While preparing your taxes you may have a number of questions. Delaware Funds by Macquarie provides answers to some frequently asked questions regarding distributions, including dividends and capital gains distributions.

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