Municipal Income Funds: State tax information

For the calendar year 2019, income dividends received from investments in the funds listed in the table below were primarily exempt from federal income tax. Dividends that are exempt from federal income tax may or may not be exempt from tax under the laws of a particular state or local taxing authority. Generally, however, income from bonds issued by municipalities in a particular state is not taxable in that state. Most states do not grant tax-free treatment to interest from municipal securities of other states. We recommend that you consult your tax advisor in this regard.

Listed here, on a state-by-state basis, are the percentages of interest income earned on municipal obligations of issuers in each such state during the calendar year 2019.

A note about AMT

A portion of the income paid to the Delaware Funds® by Macquarie Closed-end Municipal Income Funds shareholders may be subject to the federal alternative minimum tax (AMT). See Municipal Income Funds: Percentage of interest income subject to AMT.

Percentage of interest income from municipal obligations, by state, for 2019

Delaware Investments® Colorado Municipal Income Fund, Inc.
Colorado 96.28%
Guam 1.50%
Puerto Rico 1.86%
Virgin Islands 0.36%
Source: Delaware Funds by Macquarie
Delaware Investments® Minnesota Municipal Income Fund II, Inc.
Minnesota 98.60%
Guam 0.46%
Puerto Rico 0.94%
Source: Delaware Funds by Macquarie
Delaware Investments® National Municipal Income Fund
Alabama 0.73% 
Alaska 0.32%
Arizona 4.88%
California 12.31%
Colorado 1.75%
Delaware 0.11%
District of Columbia 0.86%
Florida 4.58%
Georgia 1.45%
Hawaii 0.30%
Idaho 1.34%
Illinois 7.32%
Indiana 0.97%
Kansas 0.31%
Louisiana 3.51%
Maine 0.50%
Maryland 1.92%
Massachusetts 0.54%
Michigan 0.94%
Minnesota 1.07%
Mississippi 0.07%
Missouri 2.83%
Montana 0.90%
Nebraska 0.24%
New Hampshire 0.21%
New Jersey 5.97%
New York 11.41%
Ohio 3.23%
Oklahoma 0.14%
Oregon 0.67%
Pennsylvania 13.33%
Puerto Rico     1.16%
South Carolina 0.03%
Texas 8.32%
Utah 0.59%
Virginia 1.13%
Washington 0.48% 
Wisconsin 2.61%
Wyoming 0.40%
Guam 0.57%
Source: Delaware Funds by Macquarie

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