Large-Cap Value Equity team

We are a collaborative and democratic team that seeks to capitalize on discrepancies between estimated intrinsic value and price. We believe that stock prices are influenced by human emotion and crowd psychology; therefore, we attempt to buy at times of excessive pessimism and sell at times of undue optimism. We develop relatively concentrated, low-turnover portfolios, and seek diversification across all 11 economic sectors.

Our strategy, with an emphasis on valuation, discipline, and independent thinking, has remained essentially unchanged for more than 40 years. During our regularly scheduled meetings we discuss ongoing research, market developments, and new investment ideas. When we conclude that it’s time to make a decision — after considerable deliberation and dialogue — each portfolio manager has one vote, and the majority rules.

Ways to invest

Mutual fund

Variable insurance product (VIP)

Separate account strategy

Collective investment funds

SEI Trust Company and Delaware Funds by Macquarie offer several collective trust funds designed to help meet the investment needs of our defined contribution clients. Please click here for more information.

The Macquarie Collective Investment Trust (the “Trust”) offers trusts (the “Macquarie Trusts”) for the collective investment of assets or participating tax qualified pension and profit sharing plans and related trusts, and governmental plans as more fully described in its Declaration of Trust. As bank collective trusts, the Macquarie Trusts are exempt from registration as investment companies. The Macquarie Trusts are managed by SEI Trust Company (the “Trustee”), based on the investment advice of Macquarie Investment Management Advisers, the investment adviser to the Macquarie Trusts. The Trustee serves as the Trustee of the Trust and maintains ultimate fiduciary authority over the management of, and the investments made in, the Macquarie Trusts. The Macquarie Trusts are part of the Trust, which is operated by the Trustee. The Trustee is a trust company organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and wholly owned subsidiary of SEI Investments Company (SEI).