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Whether you’re a new user of LinkedIn or a superuser with more than 500 connections, let Macquarie Investment Management provide you with tips and strategies for growing your business using this popular professional social network — and all using your basic account!

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Through each track's articles and videos below, you'll learn everything from best practices for setting up your profile to how to craft a digital marketing strategy.

Set yourself up for LinkedIn success with tips on creating your profile, finding connections, understanding your privacy settings, and using advanced search.

Video how-to series: LinkedIn

Control your visibility with LinkedIn privacy settings

Do you want connections to know when your profile has been updated? Do you want LinkedIn members to know when you've viewed their profiles?

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Incorporate LinkedIn into your daily routine

LinkedIn is one more tool to use in your prospecting mix. Plan to spend five minutes a day — or about 30 minutes a week — on honing your LinkedIn skills.

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Beyond your profile, what other features can you take advantage of on LinkedIn? Learn about LinkedIn Groups, brand building, and making sure others can find you.

Optimize your LinkedIn profile — become a search result

A professional headshot and well-written summary are essentials. Learn what else you should do to help build your brand while driving search engine traffic to your page.

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Five channels you should be following on LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse goes beyond financial services, placing multiple industries at your fingertips, allowing you to learn more about topics that may be of interest to you and your diverse client base.

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Join the conversation: Use LinkedIn Groups to build your brand

There's a LinkedIn Group for just about everything. Find the ones that matter to you, contribute to the discussion, and build rapport.

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You're on LinkedIn. Do you have a LinkedIn engagement strategy?

Simply being on LinkedIn isn't enough. You'll need an engagement strategy to create a successful social media presence.

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LinkedIn may provide the first of many interactions with a potential client. Get off on the right foot! Make a strong first impression and learn to measure how effective your LinkedIn strategy has been.

Supercharge your LinkedIn profile

If you've already optimized your LinkedIn profile, you're ready to take it to the next level.

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Enhance your CRM efforts with LinkedIn Contacts

Use the "Relationship" section of a contact’s profile to view your interactions and add important notes and reminders.

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High net worth prospecting power in a few clicks

Build and manage strategic relationships on LinkedIn in three easy steps.

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LinkedIn etiquette — make a good first impression, virtually

When you invite others to connect and vice versa, help them see the authentic you, and you might find that a little thoughtfulness can go a long way.

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Teach your clients how to maximize LinkedIn

Financial advisors who’ve used LinkedIn effectively to grow their businesses might benefit from sharing their expertise with clients.

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Using LinkedIn to plan your next client event

LinkedIn can help you connect with resources to make your client events worthwhile and memorable.

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Measuring your success on LinkedIn

It's only logical that we should measure our business efforts, right? The same applies to social media efforts.

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