Smid-cap growth 2020: Investing in disruptions


Alex Ely

  • Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer — US Growth Equity
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In this video segment, Alex Ely, chief investment officer for the Small/Mid-Cap Growth Equity team, describes investing in disruptions as a key opportunity that his team continues to follow in 2020. With technology-induced disruptions leading to secular expansion in a number of industries, Ely details some sectors to explore, such as software as a service (SaaS), higher-quality foods, and medical technology.

What we do is invest in disruptions. The disruptions are typically technologically induced, or they're induced by innovation where upon a better, cheaper, faster way of doing things comes along. When these better, cheaper, faster ways arise, that's when the creative destruction process that makes capitalism so great gets enacted and you have a secular expansion of these major trends that occurs for years and years to come. That's where we're at right now with many different industries, whether it'd be software as a service, higher-quality foods, medical technology, a lot of very exciting trends in the economy.

One of the areas that we're excited about is software as a service. Software as a service is making corporations more efficient in many different areas, whether it'd be accounting, customer service, HR, media applying platforms, telecom, lots of different things that are happening there where companies, in essence, are using technology as a weapon to become more efficient than their competitors.

If you're looking for growth in consumer staples and you screen all the companies that are public out there, all the ones that are growing significantly are higher-quality foods, whether they'd be in our restaurants or in our grocery stores. We're seeing secular growth occur for these all-natural foods that are out there. While older kinds of food, whether it'd be canned food, processed food, soda, beer, are all in decline. So, a major change that's happening with all of our food, huge market. To us, this is very exciting. For the first time in history, people are being treated in an individual way when it comes to their medicine. Instead of having the same product for all people, we're treating each genetic variation of a disease. We're treating people with certain genetic make ups and the result is more efficacy and more success, which means a lot of opportunity for certain med tech companies.



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