Core Equity team

"We are long-term investors, focusing on companies that we believe exhibit strong financial positioning, show demonstrable competitive advantages within their industries, and trade at attractive valuations."

Francis X. Morris, Chief Investment Officer — Core Equity

We believe that markets can misprice securities. We seek to exploit this perceived inefficiency and to generate superior risk-adjusted returns for our clients through the integration of fundamental research, proprietary quantitative long-term modeling, and a differentiated portfolio construction process. Our dedicated team of investment professionals, each of whom approaches investing with commitment and conviction, relies on its collective expertise to identify compelling investment opportunities.

  • Our portfolios are broadly diversified, and sector biases are minimized to help ensure that returns are driven by stock selection as opposed to sector allocation.
  • Risk management also plays a constant role in our portfolio management process. We employ in-house quantitative models to measure each portfolio's risk boundaries. This commitment to risk-aware investing results in a group of portfolios made up of thoroughly researched ideas.

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Within our socially responsible strategy, we utilize a variety of social screens, updated monthly, which provide substantial flexibility for client needs. We believe that social screens serve as just another layer in our investment process, helping us identify those companies that adhere to each client's social criteria. All along the way, we remain committed to our investment process, and most importantly, we won't set our process aside just to accommodate unusual short-term market movements.

Separate account strategies managed:

  • Large-Cap Core Equity
  • Small-Cap Core Equity
  • Socially Responsible Environmental, Social, and Governance