Large-Cap Value Equity team

“Our team's expectations are based on our experience and what’s happening in the market. We strive to look for healthy companies trading at meaningful discounts to their long-term potential.”

D. Tysen Nutt Jr., Senior Portfolio Manager, Team Leader — Large-Cap Value Equity

We are a collaborative and democratic team that seeks to capitalize on discrepancies between estimated intrinsic value and price. We believe that stock prices are influenced by human emotion and crowd psychology; therefore, we attempt to buy at times of excessive pessimism and sell at times of undue optimism. We develop relatively concentrated, low-turnover portfolios, and seek diversification across all 10 economic sectors.

Our strategy, with an emphasis on valuation, discipline, and independent thinking, has remained essentially unchanged for more than 30 years. During our regularly scheduled Monday meetings we discuss ongoing research, market developments, and new investment ideas. When we conclude that it’s time to make a decision — after considerable deliberation and dialogue — each portfolio manager has one vote, and the majority rules.

Separate account strategy managed:

  • Large-Cap Value – Focus