Real Estate Securities and Income Solutions (RESIS)

Our proprietary approach to data analysis, which incorporates traditional equity and fixed income analysis with real estate, is just one enhancement that has added an extra dimension to our research process over the past 10-plus years.

Babak “Bob” Zenouzi, Chief Investment Officer — Real Estate Securities and Income Solutions (RESIS)

We believe our structure gives us a competitive advantage over many other REIT strategy managers. Unlike other firms that may specialize in only one particular market or type of security, our experts are broadly experienced in, and intimately familiar with, securities other than REITs. As a result, our team is able to work side by side with other Macquarie Investment Management equity teams within the firm as well as members of the fixed income team. In our opinion, this creates a distinct opportunity for in-depth analysis and interaction among team members that helps drive our REIT decision-making process.

In constructing a portfolio, we believe that attractive investments in the REIT market can best be identified by using a dual (property- and security-level) bottom-up, fundamental approach to research. Therefore, we seek to represent what we consider to be the best relative values in the marketplace and emphasize companies with safe, predictable cash flow growth that should produce consistent excess returns at moderate risk levels for our clients over the long term.

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