Small-Cap Value / Mid-Cap Value Equity team

Our strategy in evaluating a small- or mid-cap investment requires that we work as a team. As we collaborate, we all contribute to the decision making. I handle most decisions related to sectors, keeping in mind that we focus on the long term.

Christopher S. Beck, Chief Investment Officer — Small-Cap Value / Mid-Cap Value Equity

We believe that markets can misprice securities. As such, we seek to exploit this inefficiency on a consistent basis through active, research-based management. All of our team members serve as analysts who research securities, following a defined process, and present their ideas to the group.

We are vastly knowledgeable about the specific characteristics of successful small- and mid-cap companies and the characteristics of businesses that last over the long term. Our investment process is based on incorporating this knowledge into each and every decision we make.

In executing our strategy, we believe that:

  • The ability to generate sustainable free cash flow is the most important variable in stock selection.
  • Risk should be controlled throughout the process.
  • Effective, timely decision making is essential.

Ways to invest

Mutual funds

Variable insurance product (VIP)

Separate account strategies