Life in the new decade: Useful apps

The world is entering its third decade since the advent of smartphones, and app stores for every device seem to grow by the minute. There’s never been a better time to use the power that's in the palm of your hand to help support your business.

The pace of technological progress can be overwhelming. How do you adopt it to make life better?

As a financial professional, you work to ensure your clients’ financial well-being every day. And your relationship with your client is so much more than numbers on a statement. You know their children, their life goals (financial and otherwise), their favorite vacation spots, and for many, their successes and challenges.

Providing clients with occasional “life hacks” can help you create strong, lasting bonds. The gift of time, a more efficient way to manage family activities, a new way to educate children – each can be worth just as much as that dollar amount on a statement.

Here are a few apps that have made a difference in my professional and personal life. I hope you and your clients find them useful too.

Personal productivity


My web browser’s bookmarks bar is often overloaded and unorganized. Pocket allows you to save articles, videos, or other media from any publication or webpage in an easy-to-use format. You can also customize reading (or listening) lists that are accessible even when not connected to the Internet.


Consolidate your paperwork with Evernote. Use your smartphone or tablet’s camera to scan, then organize paper documents, business cards, whiteboards, handwritten notes, and drawings. Evernote also allows you to capture ideas as searchable notes, checklists, and to-do lists. No more forgetting that grocery list at home!

Education for all ages


Have a trip abroad coming up? Or a friend you’d like to surprise by greeting them in their native tongue? The Duolingo app is a fun, easy way to learn the basics of, or brush up on, a foreign language. The app not only allows you to hear how words should sound in a language, its repetitive style encourages thinking in the new language versus memorization of terms.



Life360 allows a user to share his or her location in real time. Get automatic notifications when family members come and go from home, work, and school so you know they got there safely. This is a great way to have a bit more peace of mind about those you may worry a little extra about when they’re on their own, such as children and aging parents.

Family organization


Two morning client meetings, a parent's midday doctor’s appointment, then back to the office in the afternoon, before picking kids up from school activities. On opposite sides of town. And dinner. Sound like your typical day? Keep yourself organized with the Cozi app – a family organizer that keeps events, activities, grocery lists, and more all in one place. Accessible on desktop or mobile, Cozi gives you a handy snapshot of your family’s commitments.

Financial education for kids


The Greenlight debit card is designed for kids, with balances controlled by a parent-run feature, to help oversee spending. More than just a way to pay allowances virtually, Greenlight’s suite of tools helps encourage kids to learn about earning, spending, saving, and giving. Parents can choose where and how much kids can spend. There is also a parent-paid saving interest rate feature to teach kids the importance of saving.

Just for fun


Looking for that rare bottle of small-batch bourbon, or perhaps a more affordable option? Distiller specializes in whiskey, brandy, gin, vodka, rum, and tequila or mezcal, and it has an expert panel team of reviewers who have the tough job of making informed suggestions for you! Start with a short survey that takes you to a top choice. You can then make recommendations and track previous choices by writing tasting notes. If wine is your passion, try the Vivino or CellarTracker apps. For beer lovers, check out Untappd.

Most of these apps are available free of charge in your smartphone or tablet app store; many also offer premium versions for a small fee.

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