Managed accounts

Delaware Capital Management (DCM)

Managed account advisory services are provided by DCM. DCM provides individual investors with access to institutional-quality portfolio management services. DCM is a series of Macquarie Investment Management Business Trust (MIMBT).


Investment style

Our portfolios tend to have high active share, demonstrating our investment conviction in fundamental analysis and stock selection. We invest across the geographic, capitalization and style spectrums in an effort to find opportunities that matter for clients.

International Equity ADR Product summary Investment update
Large Cap Growth Equity Product summary
Large Cap Value Equity Product summary Investment update

Fixed income

Investment style

Using disciplined and rigorous processes, Macquarie Investment Management (MIM) seeks to add value by employing multiple, risk-adjusted strategies incorporating yield curve and duration positioning, sector allocation, and security selection. Our relative return capability is a core style approach managed on a top-down, trend-following basis with a rigorous bottom-up approach to security selection.

Sector allocation

We actively rotate among investment grade taxable fixed income sectors to capture value in spread changes.

Yield curve management

We actively manage maturity structure to capture shifts in the shape of the yield curve.

Duration adjustments

We constrain the duration of client portfolios to a tight band around the duration of the relevant index.

Aggregate Duration U.S. Government Product summary
Intermediate Aggregate Duration U.S. Government Product summary
Low Duration U.S. Government Product summary
Municipal Bond Ladder Strategy Overview

Contact information

Macquarie Investment Management managed account portfolios are accessible through numerous broker/dealer sponsored programs. Individual investors should contact their financial advisors for information on product availability.

For product and service contacts, advisors should contact a representative at 877 693-3546.

On May 1, 2014, the Macquarie Investment Management Focus Growth team joined Jackson Square Partners, LLC (JSP), a joint venture with Macquarie Investment Management. Effective May 1, 2014, JSP is serving as a sub-advisor to Delaware Capital Management with respect to the Large Cap Growth Equity strategy pursuant to a sub-advisory agreement between Delaware Capital Management and JSP.

The Delaware Smid Cap Growth — Focus Equity (SMA) strategy is closed to new investors. The SMA strategy will remain open to existing investors. Effective at the close of business on March 9, 2012, new investors are no longer able to invest in the SMA strategy.