Bonds are back: Time to move cash off the sidelines 

Bonds are back: Time to move cash off the sidelines 


Daniela Mardarovici, CFA

  • Managing Director, Co-Head of US Multisector Fixed Income
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Paul A. Matlack

  • Managing Director, Senior Client Portfolio Manager
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Watch the previously recorded webinar replay featuring Macquarie’s Co-Head of US Multisector Fixed Income, Daniela Mardarovici and Managing Director and Senior Fixed Income Strategist Paul Matlack, for a discussion about engaging with clients who have high allocations to cash.

Topics include:

  • The economic outlook and forecasting interest rates across the yield curve.
  • How core-bond funds are positioned to capture higher yields.
  • Talking to clients about their cash allocations.


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IBOR risk is the risk that changes related to the use of the London interbank offered rate (LIBOR) or similar rates (such as EONIA) could have adverse impacts on financial instruments that reference these rates. The abandonment of these rates and transition to alternative rates could affect the value and liquidity of instruments that reference them and could affect investment strategy performance.