Fitting fitness into your practice

..Staying healthy is always on the to-do list. With the added stress and challenges of COVID-19 that are likely to stretch into 2021, staying well is even more important. As an advisor, you may not think that incorporating healthy habits into your routine could be another way to connect with clients. But as the new year approaches, resolving to focus on fitness could not only improve your own health, but also the health of your practice.

Incorporating fitness into both your lifestyle and your practice can be as simple as setting some key goals. Following are a few:

Prioritize your health. Whether you have been actively maintaining fitness or are just getting started, now is the time to develop and fine-tune your plan. You may know intellectually that taking care of yourself is essential, but it’s easy to put off personal fitness. Kick-start your program by identifying activities that work for you. Options, including those suited for a pandemic lifestyle, are endless – an at-home setup with a few weights or resistance band, virtual yoga classes, or even talking walks while listening to your favorite podcast are just a few examples. With the help of technology, it’s easy to find virtual classes or apps designed to keep you motivated and moving.

Make room in your schedule. For busy advisors who may feel pulled in many directions, it can be difficult to maintain a wellness regimen. Remind yourself that, just like with financial plans, it all starts by setting realistic goals. Consistency is key, and quality is more important than quantity. Even 20-30 minutes a day can make a big difference, especially when sitting at a desk most of the day. Block time on your calendar to stay committed and keep a routine. Then, re-evaluate your plan and make adjustments if necessary. Some people find it helpful to bring the workout right into the office. A yoga mat or weights near your desk are great visual reminders to take breaks from the screen.

Appeal to fitness-minded clients. Use your healthy approach to connect with your clients or even expand your practice. You may be surprised at how many clients are like-minded about health and wellness – this could spur a host of ideas to connect, with fitness as a common ground. For example, sharing a healthy recipe in your emails can be an icebreaker and unique way to start the conversation. Consider sponsoring a virtual fitness class with a local trainer or instructor. As an added benefit, your event could also raise money for a worthy cause. Finding this common ground can help you relate to your clients, and them to you. As you set goals for your practice in 2021, look ahead and plan for similar opportunities – perhaps host a virtual bike race or family run. In the new world of social distancing, events and fundraisers can have the same flexibility as working from home. Instead of coming together on a specific day, participants can join the event on their own time. Use social media to promote the event and share results – it’s an easy way to make members feel involved and connected.

Wellness is about improving your energy, helping your focus, and finding overall satisfaction, especially during stressful times. And a wellness plan could help you relate to a wider client base. Both you and your practice could reap the benefits.