Macquarie Asset Management ranked #1 in tax-exempt bonds category

Macquarie Asset Management ranked #1 in tax-exempt bonds category

Barron’s Best Funds Families ranks Macquarie Asset Management #1 in tax-exempt bonds category

“Strong showings across Macquarie Asset Management’s muni-bond offerings helped the asset manager reach No. 1 in 2023. Its $2.9 billion Delaware National High-Yield Muni Bond fund returned 9%.”

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The ranking looks at one-year relative performance of fund firms that offer a diversified lineup of actively managed mutual funds and ETFs. The ranking eliminates index funds. Results are based on firms’ skill in active management. Ranking calculates returns before any 12b-1 fees are deducted. Similarly, fund loads, or sales charges are not included in the return calculations. 49 asset managers were included in Barron’s one-year ranking list for the year ending December 31, 2023. This ranking is not based on total return. The ranking is the opinion of Barrons and not Macquarie Group. No such person creating the ranking is affiliated with Macquarie Group. There can be no assurances that other providers or surveys would reach the same conclusions as this ranking.

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