Global Listed Real Assets

Key features

Macquarie is a {{{recognized}}} leader in real assets.*

Experienced multi-asset team and {{{specialized}}} experts in every asset class.

Differentiated investment process with a dynamic asset-allocation framework.

*Real Assets IPE, Top 50 Infrastructure Investment managers (July 2018).

Our philosophy

We invest in assets with linkages to general inflation and in sectors where supply and demand dynamics are expected to lead to {{{localized}}} inflation pressures. As such, our objective is to protect purchasing power and provide inflation-adjusted total return over full market cycles with strong relative performance versus broad equity and fixed income markets, particularly during inflationary environments.

What does the opportunity represent?

Capital appreciation and income

  • Total return over a full market cycle

Inflation protection

  • Outperformance of a multi-asset portfolio when prices are rising


  • Exposure to assets not typically found in traditional multi-asset portfolios

Our process

Multi-asset, multi-sleeve, {{{customizable}}} portfolio solution:

  • Top-down asset allocation determined by the MIM Global Multi-Asset team led by CIO and portfolio manager Stefan Löwenthal.
  • Bottom-up asset class positioning determined by sector specialists.
Process strategy

Market assessment

  • Deep research insights through access to broad Macquarie network
  • Asset allocation conviction across directional, relative asset class decisions (pairwise views)
  • Open forum to challenge and ensure market views are robust and thorough
  • Determinants of valuation levels

Pairwise views

  • Pairwise views allow focus on direction, rather than degree of returns, and strong accountability
  • Greater allocation to our highest conviction views while controlling portfolio risk
  • Very dynamic asset allocation to seek opportunities in all phases of the business cycle

Portfolio construction

  • Risk contributions and overall portfolio risk limits are embedded in portfolio construction
  • Ample experience in tailoring risk solutions from a wide range of metrics (including Drawdown and cVaR)
  • Experienced, specialist asset class experts implement a bottom-up driven security selection process

Management team

Stefan Lowenthal- use this version

Stefan Löwenthal 

  • Chief Investment Officer — Global Multi Asset Team
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