Tailoring an account

Manage your account with tailored features

Are you maximizing your investment opportunities? If you're not sure, check out the services offered by Delaware Funds by Macquarie.

To sign up for any of these account features, complete the Account Services form. For more information about any of these services, contact our shareholder service center at 800 523-1918. Representatives are available to answer your questions Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern time.

Additional information can be obtained from your financial advisor or by reading your fund's prospectus.

Account features to purchase, redeem, or exchange shares

Systematic investing plan

Make regular monthly or quarterly investments directly from your checking account. The minimum monthly contribution is $25 ($75 quarterly).

Systematic withdrawal plan

Authorize a monthly or quarterly redemption from your account and have it sent to your address of record, your bank, or a third party payee. There is a $25 minimum monthly redemption ($75 quarterly) and a $5000 minimum account balance. Some restrictions apply to Class B and C shares. See your prospectus for details.

On demand (Invest/Redeem by phone and online)

Allows you or your financial advisor to request purchases or redemptions through several different ways: online through account access, or by calling our Shareholder Service Center. When you provide your bank information, funds will be withdrawn from (in the case of share purchases) or deposited into (in the case of share redemptions) your bank account via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system. Delaware Funds by Macquarie does not charge a fee for this service, but your bank may.

Direct deposit service

Through the direct deposit service, you can have $25 or more in dividends and distributions deposited directly into your bank account. Delaware Funds by Macquarie does not charge a fee for this service; however, your bank may assess one. This service is not available for retirement plans.

Direct deposit purchase plan

Automatically invest preauthorized government or private recurring payments (i.e. Social Security checks, private payroll check, pension payments, etc). The minimum initial investment for direct deposit purchase plans is $250 and the minimum monthly contribution after the initial contribution is $25.

Telephone exchange privilege1

Authorize share exchange (accounts must be identically registered) over the telephone. See your prospectus for details.

Systematic exchange option

Authorize automatic monthly exchanges from one fund to another. The monthly minimum transfer amount is $100 per fund. New accounts can be opened with this option provided certain fund minimums are met. Investments under this option are exchanges and are subject to the conditions and limitations related to exchanges. See your prospectus for more information.

Wire redemption option

Authorize redemption to be wired to your bank account. There is a $1,000 minimum for each wire redemption. Delaware Funds by Macquarie charges a $7.50 wire fee.


Available only for Class A and Consultant Class shares of selected funds. See your prospectus to determine if checkwriting is available.

Dividend options

Dividends/Capital gains distributions payment method

You may elect to have your dividends/capital gains reinvested, sent by check to your address of record or deposited into your bank through our direct deposit service.

Reinvestment plan1

Automatically reinvest dividends and distributions at current net asset value (NAV).

Dividend maximizer1

Automatically reinvest dividends and distributions from your fund into any other existing Delaware Funds by Macquarie account without a sales charge or extra transaction fee.

Account features to help you reduce or eliminate sales charges

We offer a number of ways to reduce or eliminate the sales charge on shares. Please refer to the statement of additional information for detailed information and eligibility requirements. You can also get additional information from your financial advisor. You or your financial advisor must notify us at the time you purchase shares if you are eligible for any of these programs. You may also need to provide information to your financial advisor or the Fund in order to qualify for a reduction in sales charges. Such information may include your Delaware Funds by Macquarie holdings in any other accounts, including retirement accounts, held indirectly or through an intermediary, and the names of qualifying family members and their holdings. We reserve the right to determine whether any purchase is entitled, by virtue of the foregoing, to the reduced sales charge. Class R and Institutional Class shares have no upfront sales charge or contingent deferred sales charge (CDSC) so they are not included below.

Combined purchases privilege

When you determine the availability of the reduced front-end sales charges on Class A shares, you can include, subject to certain exceptions, the total amount of any class of shares you own of a Fund and all other Delaware Funds by Macquarie. However, you cannot include mutual fund shares that do not carry a front-end sales charge, CDSC or Limited CDSC, unless you acquired those shares through an exchange from a Delaware Funds by Macquarie fund that did carry a front-end sales charge, CDSC, or Limited CDSC.

The privilege also extends to all purchases made at one time by an individual; or an individual, his or her spouse and their children under 21; or a trustee or other fiduciary of trust estates or fiduciary accounts for the benefit of such family members (including certain employee benefit programs).

Letter of intent

Through a letter of intent you agree to invest a certain amount in Delaware Funds by Macquarie (except money market funds with no sales charge) over a 13-month period to qualify for reduced front-end sales charges. This feature is available for the purchase of Class A shares. Although the letter of intent does not apply to the purchase of Class C shares, you can combine the value of your Class A shares with your purchase of Class C shares to fulfill your letter of intent. You may also use the letter of intent in connection with the rights of accumulation privilege.

Rights of accumulation

You can combine your holdings or purchases of all Delaware Funds by Macquarie (except money market funds with no sales charge), as well as the holdings and purchases of your spouse and children under 21 to qualify for reduced front-end sales charges. This feature is available for the purchase of Class A shares. Although the rights of accumulation do not apply to the purchase of Class B shares acquired upon reinvestment of dividends or capital gains, you can combine the value of your Class B shares purchased on or before May 31, 2007 with your purchase of Class A shares to qualify for rights of accumulation. Although the rights of accumulation do not apply to the purchase of Class C shares, you can combine your purchase of Class A shares with your purchase of Class C shares to fulfill your rights of accumulation.

Other account features

Free exchange privilege1

You may generally exchange all or part of your shares for shares of the same class of another Delaware Funds by Macquarie Fund without paying a front-end sales charge or a CDSC at the time of the exchange. However, if you exchange shares from a money market fund that does not have a sales charge, you will pay any applicable sales charge on your new shares. When exchanging Class B and Class C shares of one fund for the same class of shares in other funds, your new shares will be subject to the same CDSC as the shares you originally purchased. The holding period for the CDSC will also remain the same, with the amount of time you held your original shares being credited toward the holding period of your new shares. In certain other circumstances, you may also be permitted to exchange your shares for shares of a different class of the fund, but such exchange may be subject to a sales charge for the new shares. You do not pay sales charges on shares that you acquired through the reinvestment of dividends. You may have to pay taxes on your exchange. When you exchange shares, you are purchasing shares in another fund, so you should be sure to get a copy of the fund's prospectus and read it carefully before buying shares through an exchange. We may refuse the purchase side of any exchange request if, in the Delaware Management Company's judgment, a fund would be unable to invest effectively in accordance with its investment objective and policies or would otherwise potentially be adversely affected.

Reinvestment privilege2

Reinvest proceeds after you redeem shares from your fund within one year and pay no front-end sales charge. Proceeds may be reinvested into any Delaware Funds by Macquarie fund. Applies to Class A shares only.

Online account access

Account access is a password-protected section of the Delaware Funds by Macquarie website that gives you access to your account information and allows you to perform account transactions in a secure environment. Account access is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Online documents

With Delaware eDelivery, you can receive your fund documents electronically instead of via US mail. When you sign up for eDelivery, you can access your account statements, shareholder reports, and other fund materials online, in a secure internet environment at any time, from anywhere.

1Exchange or dividend reinvestments are permitted only between like classes of shares. Exchanges from money market funds to non-money market funds are subject to appropriate sales charges as described in the prospectus. All exchanges are subject to eligibility and minimum purchase requirements.

2Reinvestment privilege not available for Class B, Class C shares, or for certain purchases of Class A shares involving a limited contingent deferred sales charge. Reinvestments from money market to non-money market funds are subject to appropriate sales charge.