Invest your refund

Invest your refund

Expecting a tax refund this year? Why not consider investing it?

Did you know that you can direct deposit your tax refund into your Delaware Funds by Macquarie® account? IRS Form 1040 allows you to have your refund sent directly to a bank or mutual fund account. It's an easy way to put your tax refund to work and quicker than having to wait for your refund check in the mail. You can split your refund among two or more accounts at different institutions by completing IRS Form 8888 and attaching it to your tax return.

Keep in mind that investing involves risk and it is possible to lose money investing in a mutual fund. A financial advisor can help you determine an investment that is right for you, based on your personal financial situation and risk tolerance.

If you would like to deposit your tax refund into your Delaware Funds by Macquarie account, simply follow these three steps:

Step 1:

Complete line 35 of IRS Form 1040 using the information in the figure below:

Line 35b: 011001234
Line 35c: Checking
Line 35d: 8100 + taxpayer's Social Security number + 9999

IRS Form 1040

Step 2:

File your completed IRS Form 1040 with the IRS as you normally would.

Step 3:

Fill out a Tax Refund Direct Transfer (TRDT) form and mail it to:

Delaware Funds by Macquarie
P.O. Box 534437
Pittsburgh, PA 15253-4437

Note: This direct-deposit option is used for deposit of tax refunds only, not for paying taxes owed from a Delaware Funds by Macquarie account.

Your investment must meet the subsequent investment minimum. If you would like to use your tax refund to open a new account, your refund amount must meet the established minimum initial investment amount, as outlined in the prospectus (generally $1,000). Please read the prospectus carefully before you invest or send money. If you are opening a new account, your Tax Refund Direct Transfer (TRDT) form must be accompanied by a New Account Registration form or an Individual Retirement Account Application, available from Delaware Funds by Macquarie or your financial advisor.

A TRDT form is provided at the link above. We ask that you complete all sections of this form and return it to Delaware Funds by Macquarie at the address mentioned above. Once we receive your electronic deposit from the IRS, we will send you an account statement confirming the amount and the date we received your refund.

If you need additional information or have any questions, please call us at 800 523-1918, weekdays from 8:30am to 6:00pm ET.

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